Technology insight - Product update

VOLTA product update | The future of simulation-driven design with VOLTA digital engineering platform

Jun 4, 2024 | 10:15 - 11:00 AM

The evolving landscape of product development is steering towards deeper digitalization. Thistrend is fueled by increasing investments in simulation for the transition from manual, to automated, digital engineering design processes. The VOLTA digital engineering platform shapes the present and the future of simulation-driven design product development with these three core values:

  • User experience. We prioritize intuitive interfaces that minimize learning curves and maximize engineering efficiency. Our design system is an essential element in developing our products that extends to API-based verticalizations as well. VOLTA users can leverage our design system to build custom verticalizations that match the user experience across the entire platform.
  • Cloud microservices architecture. We enable companies to meet future needs with a scalable approach that centralizes application management and reduces costs.
  • Hyperautomation with Business Process Management (BPM). We provide tools that capture and automate simulation workflows, and engineering and business processes.

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