Use of the VOLTA SPDM platform in a space rocket design consortium

Jun 5, 2024 | 9:00 - 9:30 AM

The space industry has undergone major changes in recent years. The emergence of new private actors has revolutionised the needs of a sector historically controlled by national institutions. The miniaturisation of satellites has created a demand for specific, low cost and responsive access to space. To meet this need, a number of start-ups have emerged to offer a "micro-launcher" service (with a performance of just a few hundred kilograms). This is the case of the French start-up HyPr Space, which wants to operate the OB-1 orbital launcher. The fierce competition in this sector means that design and production times are unprecedented in launcher design. To meet these deadlines, HyPr Space has formed a consortium with Telespazio France and CT Ingénierie. CT Ingénierie, an engineering company specialising in the modelling and multidisciplinary design optimisation of space launchers, brings to this consortium the expertise acquired over more than 30 years. CT is responsible for designing and establishing the reference architecture of the launcher, while HyPr Space is responsible for developing the sub-systems. This interlocking design between two companies requires a precise design process and the sharing of specific models.
To facilitate and accelerate these optimisation processes, the consortium has decided to deploy the VOLTA platform between the two companies. This presentation will explain how CT Ingénierie is deploying its optimisation methodology using VOLTA and how the system engineering teams will work together to validate configurations.

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